Skin Care

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No matter your skin care needs, the experts at Elizabeth Jacob Spa & Salon are skilled to customize our skin therapies to fit the specific conditions of your skin. Allow one of our estheticians to do a complimentary skin care needs assessment or join us for a more classic facial treatment to experience our hands on magic. Prices subject to change.

Antioxidant Express Facial

Protect and repair your skin in no time! Designed for those on the go, every step of the Antioxidant Express Facial incorporates nutrient-rich ingredients to guard against free radicals and environmental damage, leaving your skin smoother, softer and glowing.
thirty minutes • $45


Mini Escape Facial

A refreshing excursion, perfect for a noontime break or a quick pick-me-up. Cleansing, exfoliation, a mask appropriate for your skin type and a hand massage. This is a great introduction or easy maintenance type of facial.
forty minutes • $70


Teen Facial

A specialty facial designed for teenage skin. Whether to treat acne, exfoliate, or simply for enjoyment, this facial is good for introducing proper grooming in the teen years. It is customized for each client to promote healthy, radiant skin along with tips on skin care that will last a lifetime. Ages 12-17.
sixty minutes • $85


Customized Corrective Facial

After a thorough cleansing and individual clinical analysis of your skin, a customized prescriptive facial will be administered to treat your specific facial needs from rejuvenation to adult acne to stimulating sluggish skin. Each treatment includes: cleansing, exfoliation, facial and décolleté massage, masque, and an arm and hand massage. This treatment is therapeutic intensive just for your skin type. It is ideal for problem skin and is best when experienced as a series.
sixty minutes • $90
ninety minutes • $120


Vitamin C Facial

Not only is our Vitamin C Facial relaxing, it is also the ticket for taking care of hyperpigmented, sun damaged and sluggish skin. Vitamin C easily penetrates the surface of the skin and stimulates collagen production and increased elasticity. You will see immediate results with this facial!
sixty minutes • $100
ninety minutes • $130


Anti-Aging Facial

This relaxing, effective service will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and youthful. This facial will reverse sun damage, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, as well as firm, lift and tone aging skin.
seventy-five minutes • $120


Glycolic Add-On • $25

An add-on exfoliant geared towards aging skin, uneven tone and acne grades I and II.


Glow Add-On • $25

An add-on exfoliant that is extremely versatile and appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. Upon application skin is clearer, invigorated and glowing.

This professional chemical exfoliant is uniquely blended with five alpha and poly hydroxy acids:

Mandelic Acid – slow absorbing making it ideal for sensitive skin, non-irritating and has antibacterial properties to help control oil and loosen impactions within the follicle.
Lactic Acid – causes mild exfoliation which brightens the skin and increases water content in the epidermis. It’s less aggressive than other hydroxy acids, making it more appropriate for sensitive skin.
Gluconic Acid – attracts and holds water, giving the skin plumpness. By increasing hydration levels, the skin’s barrier properties are enhanced and inflammation is reduced. This is helpful in treating acne, dermatitis and rosacea. It is also an antioxidant which can protect skin from UV damage.
Malic Acid – a gentle acid, derived from apples, which helps to improve skin texture and unclog follicles.
Tartaric Acid – a mild acid derived from grape extract with exfoliating properties. With continued use, it will help decongest the skin and lighten hyperpigmented areas.